Magnetic Flux Leakage

Pipeline corrosion is the deterioration of pipe material due to its interaction with the working environment. The rate of corrosion is generally related to external and internal factors. External factors can include the working environment of pipes, soil chemistry and moisture. Internal factors can include temperature, flow and pressure rate or material loss due to microbiological reactions.

smart-CAT™ Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) is a high resolution, non-destructive, non-intrusive technology that identifies and sizes pipe wall corrosion defects. It precisely measures individual (not average) internal and external corrosion by external inspection. This includes the precise measurement of remaining wall thickness, predicting the current condition, likelihood of failure and remaining life of the pipe. Additionally, for uninspected regions, predictions can be made using statistical or structural analysis techniques of the current and future growth of defects and failure models.

The smart-CAT™ inspection process is fast, efficient, accurate and includes coating assessment, general wall thickness inspection using ultrasonics, detailed external and internal corrosion defect inspections using MFL and combined on site and laboratory soil analysis.

  • Can be applied over a paint coating
  • No disruption to service or shutdown of supply
  • Suitable for water, sewerage, gas and oil pipelines
  • Applicable for cast iron, ductile iron and mild steel
  • Assists with identifying through wall, or near through wall, defects on site