Condition Assessment

A condition assessment program allows for a comprehensive understanding of pipeline conditions and is a vital component in water infrastructure asset management. It can assist with optimising operations, maintenance and capital improvement decisions, and helps to enhance water quality and reduce structural failures and their effects on lifecycle costs.

Our condition assessment program provides the opportunity for the non-invasive and non-destructive assessment of pipeline conditions. We provide a range of specialised inspection technologies designed to provide information related to the failure and reliability of the pipelines to perform as designed or determine corrective measures needed to return the pipelines to full operating capability.

Our condition assessment program is ideal for pipelines of all lengths and sizes and provides a proactive approach including:

  • Infiltration surveys and analysis
  • Coating surveys and DCVG surveys
  • Acoustic and pressure monitoring
  • Sonar, Laser Profiling, CCTV surveys
  • Location of defects such as air and gas pockets
  • Cumulative induced pressure stress monitoring
  • ROV surveys and ROV tank inspection and cleaning
  • Pipe wall thickness and remaining strength calculations
  • Detection of corrosion, cement lining losses and sediment build-up
  • Location of internal blockages and debris within the pipeline
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