Hydraulic Model Calibration

Detection Services has been providing field support services to local councils, consultants, modellers and water authorities throughout Australia and New Zealand over several years.

We specialise in the monitoring of potable water and pressurised sewer networks with a focus on collecting high accuracy field data on flows, pressure and reservoir levels in order to assist in the calibration of the client’s hydraulic model. Data collected by our technicians is quality controlled by a specialist data technician using in-house software prior to releasing to the client ensuring the data is of the highest quality. On the completion of each project the client is provided with a full report of our findings and any anomalies found, including a copy of site photographs and technician site reports for each site.

Our team of trained technicians are experienced in operational scenarios, designed to meet the demands and accuracy required by our clients. We are committed to every project and work with our customers to provide a complete solution.