Leakage and Burst Prevention

Pipeline management is complex and complicated, with capacity increases an ongoing challenge in maximising the use of water, preventing leakage, bursts, corrosion, customer complaints and more. Evaluating capability and improving performance is a balancing act of reliability verses cost for each pipeline.  InflowSysTM technology provides robust solutions that specifically address the effective management of pipeline infrastructure and is comprised of three key technologies.

InflowSenseTM device captures high quality, high frequency pressure data, giving you the ability to monitor large areas of the network. It’s quick and easy to deploy, fits into most enclosures and chambers and is strong and durable.

InflowNetTM is the software platform for device management, data and systems integration. It is designed to connect data and devices to users and analytics, giving you a place to visualise device management, data and insights. It allows you to visualise pressure transients, search for and view on a map devices and locations. It allows inspection of high frequency pressure data in the form of one second and fifteen minute summaries. Due to the vast quantities of data involved in high speed sensing, InflowNet™ has been designed in a way that ensures data visualisation and analytical insight are communicated succinctly. InflowNet™ has also been engineered with other systems in mind and future expansion will ensure your data and analytics are available in the places that matter most to you.

InflowSolveTM is at the heart of our journey to improve the resilience of water distribution networks. It is a suite of algorithms, transforming data from InflowSense™ into insight and informed action. This solution utilises Cumulative Pressure Induced Stress (CPISTM) calculated at all device locations, transient detection tools based on agreed thresholds and templates for using your high frequency pressure data to solve a whole host of other problems including:

  • Suspected DMA boundary breach
  • Evaluate performance of pumping
  • High burst rate for a designated pipe or area
  • Evaluate performance of pressure management
  • Suspected transients in an area with unknown cause
  • Customer complaints – low pressure, discoloured water
  • Uncertainty in real time or offline network models
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