Wastewater Management System

At a time when environmental protection and resources are receiving increased attention, wastewater quality and management are essential. Kando®’s intelligent technology continually monitors industrial and urban wastewater networks, enabling comprehensive performance management, highlighting key activities and enabling proactive responses.

The Kando® management system is a cloud-based software application, which enables continuous monitoring in real time (24/7) of industrial and commercial sites potentially discharging pollutants into wastewater streams. The platform can receive multiple indications simultaneously and perform smart processes to analyse the exact composition of the wastewater. Based on predefined and learning algorithms, the platform detects wastewater contamination at the early stages, and pinpoints the sources whilst automatically taking a sample for analysis. The platform offers intuitive BI tools which highlight key trends and events requiring special attention, while supporting the predetermined operational framework. Kando®’s smart algorithms point out patterns, provide a comprehensive ‘network awareness picture’ enabling predictive actions that gradually lead to substantial improvements in the use of resources.

  • Sensors are easy to deploy and maintain
  • Delivers real time (24/7) online monitoring
  • Detects pollution events and reduces treatment plant load
  • Provides a strategic solution — monitoring, analytics, alerts, sampling and control
  • Automated, customized, enhances asset performance, safety, durability and capability